Angels Begin New Era Without Mike Scioscia

On Sept. 30, 2018, the Los Angeles Angels ended their season with a walk-off homerun, but for manager Mike Scioscia, it would mark the end of his career. Shortly after the game, Scioscia sat down with the media to announce his resignation. Scioscia finished his 19th season with the organization, making him the longest tenured manager in MLB history. Scioscia boasts two American League Manager of the Year awards, multiple division titles and a career record of 1,650 wins and 1,428 losses. He is the organization's all-time leader in wins and games managed. Scioscia led the team to their only championship in 2002.

Scioscia endured a rocky career with the Angels. After the team's 2002 championship run, they faced several disappointing seasons. The team saw six American League Division Series losses and a heartbreaking American League Championship Series loss in 2009. The team saw further struggles and have not made the playoffs since 2014. Chaffey College student Ryan Gibson had this to say regarding Scioscia,

"Mike Scioscia has been skating by on a single postseason success since 2002 and should've been fired after the 2007 season when the A's won the AL West led by an old Frank Thomas," said Gibson on Scioscia's time with the Angels.

Although 19 seasons with one team is impressive, Scioscia's tenure came at the Angels' expense. Many Angels fans have shared this same thought, including Chaffey College student, Edward Lopez.

"Mike Scioscia should have been released from his managerial position after the 2014 season, I find it incredibly hard to believe that you could have the best record in baseball with 98 wins and not be able to win a championship with those kinds of players he had. His last good season was in 2009 when they played the Yankees in the ALCS....I personally think that Mike Scioscia's managerial career had too many ups and downs, he won his division for many years but never won another championship. That is the true problem I have with Mike Scioscia," said Lopez on whether or not Scioscia should have been let go by the Angels.

Despite having issues with Scioscia's lack of success in the latter half of his tenure, Lopez offered some praise to the former manager.

"When he was the 'real' Mike Scioscia early in his career, he was one of the greatest baseball minds I have ever seen. At that point in time, he was great," said Lopez.

The Angels have officially started their 2019 season with newly hired manager, Brad Ausmus. They look to move forward from a managerial relationship that lasted nearly 20 years.