Talks of DREAMers Resource Center, Sanctuary Campus Scheduled for Feb. 23

By Jullian Aiden Bravo

The Chaffey College Governing Board on Jan. 26 scheduled talks of the establishment a DREAMers Resource Center and sanctuary campus for the next board meeting which will be held on Feb. 23.

Professor Neil Watkins, DREAMers Club advisor, took the floor to call for a resolution similar to the ones resolved by the California Community Colleges Board of Governors. These resolutions states that any personal student information related to immigration status will not be released without a judicial warrant, subpoena or court order. The second resolution states that local community college districts should think twice before responding to any requests to participate with government agencies in the enforcement of federal immigration law or requests for personal student information.

It's not the first time Watkins has requested that the board consider the proposal. Just last year during the Dec. 15 Governing Board Meeting, Chaffey College faculty and DREAMers Club members urged the board to move forward with the establishment of a DREAMers Resource Center and sanctuary campus. The Board considered their request and moved the discussion to Jan. 26. However, when the day came, talks of a resolution were moved to Feb. 23.

The full text of Watkins' Jan. 26 speech is provided below:

"It's Not Too Late"

It’s January 26, and in just a few days, we have seen Trump and his administration
Attempt to redefine “facts,”
Bully the press,
Censor scientists who work for the government,
Try to coerce local agencies into enforcing federal immigration laws.

The time to “wait and see” is over. 

It’s not too late . . .
To resist 
To take a stand
To support all our students. 

It’s not too late . . . 
To put our mission into action not just words,
To inspire “hope and success by improving lives and our community in a dynamic, supportive, and engaging environment.”

It's not too late . . . 
To follow the lead of the California Community College Board of Governors:

RESOLVED that the Board of Governors and the Chancellor’s Office encourage our local community college districts to ensure that all students have an opportunity to receive an education in the community college system, regardless of immigration status and any other protected status; and be it further

RESOLVED that the Board of Governors and the Chancellor’s Office encourage our local community college districts to consider our system’s values when responding to any request to participate in joint efforts with other government agencies to enforce federal immigration law and when responding to requests for personally identifiable student information;

It’s not too late . . . 
To declare Chaffey a sanctuary college.

It’s not too late . . . To show up   To stand up    To speak up.

  • (1) board resolution along the lines of Board of Gov. resolution
  • (2) establishment of Dreamers’ Resource Center
           – to address the specific legal and financial challenges that Dreamers face
  • (3) 1 & 2 will help to avoid a loss of enrollment

End of text.

The Governing Board meets every month and will reconvene on Feb. 23. All meetings are open to the public. For more information or to review the Governing Board meeting agenda, visit