The Originals

Jessica Jones was one of the first shows from a Marvel and Netflix collaboration. The show featured a female superhero in her entirety, flawed and all. This past month, Netflix has updated the show with a new season, making it the second in the Marvel series.

In season one,  we learned just how unconventional heroism can get. Jessica struggled with her past and the demons in it. Over time we watch Jessica overcome and push one demon out. In season two, we see that some demons are stronger than others, and Jessica is still struggling with who, or what, exactly she is.

This season opens where the first did, Jessica drinking herself into a blackout and meaningless 20 minute relationships with strangers. With sister and best friend Trish Walker becoming obsessed with IGH, the company that saved Jessica’s life, she pushes for her to solve her own mystery. 

After one too many murders occur surrounding her and IGH, Jessica pursues her demons and whatever they may lead to. With new evil forces this season gets more personal as one lead can turn into a dive into lost memories and missing time.

Although Krysten Ritter continues to give a performance like no other, the plot of this season seems somewhat scattered. Throughout the season we can see Jessica suffering because of her past and her own actions causing her to possibly misplace judgment and trust. While discovering information about who, how, and why she was made, she falls into old habits of pushing people away.

Despite season one's villain being dead, Kilgrave's presence is very much unnoticed. While uncovering the truth of some murders surrounding, her, she begins to uncover some truths about her own life. Her outside forces continue to spark those hiding inside ones as well.

If the main plot isn’t enough for you the subplots will fill that void. Trish is tired of being just a lifestyle talk show host and craves bigger and better news. Her desperation to achieve the success of her current boyfriend, a respected and award winning war reporter will drive her to almost anything. 

Big time lawyer, and Jessica's former employer, Jeri Hogarth gives an acceptance speech for a Women in Law award in the opening episode. She discusses her wish to be seen not as “impressive, for a woman,” but as impressive by any standard. 

She  struggles with her own oppressors and is another in a fierce lineup of women who will do anything it takes to achieve success. With a release on National Women's Day, Jessica Jones continues to be a show that displays powerful women roles.