Maple House Chicken and Waffles: Restaurant Review

Above Image: A frehly prepared waffle sold at Maple House Chicken and Waffles. Photo by Herman Dugbartey.

By Herman Dugbartey

Most of us have heard or had the chance to experience the unique southern combination of chicken and waffles. While it is a common find in the South, is not as easy to locate here on the West Coast. It has almost become impossible to find in the Inland Empire, that was until March 2015 when Maple House Chicken and Waffles was established.

Conveniently located in Ontario right off the 10 freeway on Mountain street in the shopping center near the UFC gym. The restaurant is known for their never frozen food and always freshly cooked meals.

"Maple House is not a fast food restaurant. We invite you to come in and enjoy the family ambiance!"

That is the Maple House motto. With that being said, it was time to take them up on their invitation.

From the second my foot entered the door I was greeted and warmly welcomed despite it being a busy Saturday afternoon. That was not an easy task to accomplish. According to locals, the popular items on the menu were the lunch or dinner meals.

I did the dinner meal which came with three whole chicken wings, macaroni and cheese plus turkey greens for the sides. My meal totaled to about $15.

The wait time for the meal was about 30 minutes due to the fact they cooked it on the spot. But it was worth the wait. Everything I ordered was cooked with complete love and I savored it with every bite.

Their chicken was flavorful and well-seasoned. Three full wings were the perfect portion to even out the rest of the meal. The waffles were fluffy and fresh—no where near frozen or artificial.

The side dishes were also on point. Macaroni and cheese—which is where I am the hardest critic—was surprisingly delicious. The turkey greens were the perfect contrast to the entire meal. Personally, I recommend adding red rooster hot sauce to the greens and wings for that extra kick.

Overall, I give Maple House Chicken and Waffles an A letter grade. They are the only southern soul food waffle-house in the Inland Empire thus far and they are making their mark in a positive way. Give them a try when you find yourself in the mood for some home-cooking.

One of the many dishes sold at the Maple House. Photo by Herman Dugbartey

One of the many dishes sold at the Maple House. Photo by Herman Dugbartey