The Flavors of Hawaii

By Amalia Rose

Imagine the opportunity to enjoy a healthy, high quality and beautifully hand crafted mixed sashimi bowl. Poke, pronounced (Po-Kay), is a popular Hawaiian dish right around the corner.

The restaurant Honeyfish Poke, new to Victoria Gardens, is a healthy fast food alternative filled with high-quality food and cultural history that brings much-needed diversity to the food court. Poke has some of the most delicious flavors and explosive sauce combinations. Its bright red and orange logo can be found presenting the well-refined establishment right down the street from the Corner Bakery.

With a large smile and kind hospitality, co-managers Ben Ma and Charles Lei welcome anyone who walks through their giant glass doors. Their employees provide great customer service and reassure that every bowl is made with the freshest ingredients and high-quality cuts of fish. It's perfect for the busy college student who doesn't crave the same old greasy fast food.

Poke is a Hawaiian dish made of steamed rice, freshly cut vegetables, savory sauces and fish protein. It is served in a convenient mixed bowl of different sizes and comes with various combinations that can be customized to fit anyone’s palette. Customers can chose from a wide variety of high-quality seafood such as yellowtail, tuna, albacore, salmon, shrimp, cooked crab, lobster and tofu.

For those near Victoria Gardens, a visit to Honeyfish Poke is well worth it. All sushi eaters both old and new will fall in love with this poke place.

Duke Park is the owner of Honeyfish Poke. The Rancho Cucamonga location is the fourth place he has opened, and he has stores in Northridge, Westlake and the L.A. area. He hopes to further the craze and spread the joy of poke to the west coast.