News Roundup 10/20/2017


By Brody Salazar

1. Trump Falsely Claims Terrorism is Responsible for Increase of Crime in UK:

On Friday Trump incorrectly tweeted the UK's 13% rise in annual crime was a result of "Radical Islamic terror." However, there is no relation between the increase in victim-based crime and "Radical Islamic terror." According to the Office for National Statistics, the biggest increases in crime were in the categories of "stalking and harassment," robbery and motor theft. ONS also stated crime rates in general were lower than they had been a decade ago, and that there was an 18% decrease in "victim-based" crime.

Source: CNN

2. Shooting Following White Nationalist's Speech:

After white nationalist Richard Spencer gave a speech Thursday at the University of Florida, three male attendees from Texas allegedly shot at protesters, but injured none. The police said the men reportedly stopped driving to argue with protesters near a bus stop, performed Nazi salutes and chanted about Hitler before one of the men, Tyler Tenbrink, revealed a gun while the other two men encouraged the use of it against the protesters. The gun was fired once, and hit a nearby building before the the men drove away.

Source: NBC News

3. Fox News Featured Veteran Who Lied About Being a Navy SEAL:

Fox News released a correction and apology concerning a story aired on Oct. 8 about John Garofalo, who claimed he was a Navy SEAL, served in Vietnam, earned two Purple Hearts and owned a hand-carved presidential seal that he wished to gift to Trump. All of Garofalo's claims were revealed to be false, and the correction was not released until Navy Times reported on it as being completely a lie that Garofalo had been keeping up for years.

Source: New York Times

4. Bannon Speaks at California Republican Party convention:

Former White House adviser Stephen Bannon spoke at a California Republican Party convention Friday. Bannon used the time given to him to respond to George W. Bush's comments regarding Trump earlier this week. In his speech, Bannon referred to Bush's presidency as "destructive," and received negative reactions from the audience. He also spoke of changing the status quo in Washington, and claimed that prominent figures in Silicon Valley and progressives would secede from the union some time in the next 10 to 15 years.

Source: AP News

5. Undocumented Teen's Abortion Blocked:

On Friday a federal appeals court denied an immediate abortion to a 17-year-old undocumented immigrant currently held in detention, but was given time to get one. The woman, referred to in the court records as Jane Doe, crossed the southern border by herself in September, and was taken to a detention center in Texas by federal authorities. When a medical examination revealed she was pregnant, Texas authorities would have allowed Doe to have an abortion, but the Department of Health and Human Services refused.

Source: NBC News