News Roundup 11/09/17


By Erik Estrada

1. Roy Moore Republican Problem:

Republican politician Roy Moore is under accusations of sexual relations with 4 girls that were all between the ages of 14-18 when he was 32. The first to come out was reported by The Washington Post with more stepping forward with similar stories reporting the Republican's behavior. Moore is denying the allegations and is saying that this is a direct attempt from the Democratic party to sabotage his candidacy for GOP due to his double-digit lead. Moore is expected to step down from his candidacy but tweeted earlier that he “Will NEVER GIVE UP the fight!”

Source: CNN

2. Louis C.K. Accused of Sexual Misconduct:

Popular comedian Louis C.K, who is well known for making jokes about real world issues and about the negative effects of a male dominated misogynistic world, and by is considered a feminist by some, has been accused of sexual misconduct by five different women, all with similar stories. The male comedian is well known for selling out venues multiple times and his Emmy award-winning series “Louie”. When asked about the matter, his publicist has declined any statements from himself and from Louis C.K himself and said that they are “not going to answer any questions”.

Source: New York Times

3. San Juan Still Recovering From Hurricane Maria:

The city of San Juan in Puerto Rico experienced an extreme power outage, after they began to restore partial power to San Juan and surrounding cities. The country of Puerto Rico is still recovering from the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria since September 20th and can expect partial power throughout the country for a year to come. The power grids are very fragile and home and businesses are being forced to work on generators when power fluctuates and will continue to do so until power can fully be restored.

Source: CNN

4. Kevin Spacey Being Pushed from Hollywood:

Entertainment industry star Kevin Spacey is being charged with sexual allegations against a minor in Hollywood. Spacey who has won two Academy Awards, a Tony and nominated for 12 Emmys is being dropped from productions and broadcast stations due to sexual allegations against an underage Anthony Rapp 30 years ago when Rapp was only 14. Spacey did not deny the accusations but proceeded with an apology if the allegations were true, and proceeded to come out as gay to the press.

Source: Los Angeles Times

5. Trump’s Bodyguard Turned Down 5 Russian Women:

Keith Schiller, one of Trump’s private bodyguards who has been with him for many years, is said to have turned down an offer to send five Russian women to Trump's hotel room at a 2013 business meeting in Russia. Sources say that Schiller took the offer as a joke, politely declined and then joked about the matter later with Trump as he went to bed alone. Schiller reports that he was aware that it was possible that Trump was being watched and believed it to be a set-up. No proof has risen whether Trump had relations with prostitutes on that trip, but sources are still being questioned.

Source: NBC News