News Roundup: 9/13/2017

1. Trump Invites Pelosi and Schumer Over For Dinner:

Tonight Trump, will dine with democratic minority leaders, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Republicans are very hesitant with this linking tension with Donald Trump. This new phase of Donald Trump’s, are leaving the republicans in the dark. Pelosi and Schumer plan to fight for the stabilization of both DACA and the insurance market. The president seems pleased to be discussing the DACA reforms with Democrats, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. We will have to see if the balance well result in a new approach to legislation.

Source: CNBC

2. Medicare For All, Sincerely Bernie Sanders:

This afternoon, Senator Bernie Sanders revealed a new bill advocating for "Medicare for all". According to the proposal, the bill would take place over a four-year transition period. Planning to add dental, vision and hearing aid coverage in its first year, for all individuals the age of 55. Children, up to age 18, would also be offered immediate access to the government-run plan. If passed progressing through next two years the Medicare age would drop to 45, then 35 years old. Leading up to the fourth year, where everyone would be eligible for medicare.

Source: CNN

3. Irma’s Aftermath:

8 elderly dead at a nursing home due to the air conditioning failure. Officials are conducting a criminal investigation at the easily preventable fatalities. The Rehabilitation Center Nursing Home, located in Hollywood, was said to have lost power due to Irma. The loss of air conditioning turned fatal, as the temperature inside the facility reached 100 degrees. Although there was power failure, nurses claim they had generators and tools that should have maintained stability. The conflicting stories have now resulted in criminal investigations.

Source: CNN

4. Transparency of Equifax:

On September 7th, Equifax was the victim of a cyber hack. The hack compromised the confidential data of 143 million Americans, and Equifax waited to release the fact that there was a breach. They didn’t let anyone access the account for days, and offered free credit monitoring. Anyone who signed up for this credit monitoring service was not allowed to sue the company. If you believe any of your information has been compromised, considering freezing your credit cards temporarily and follow up at to ensure your security.

Source: CNN

5. The Olympics Come to Los Angeles:

Today the vote were in, proving Los Angeles to be home of the 2028 Olympic Games. Elected by the International Olympic Committee unanimously. LA 2028 will cut costs by using existing venues such as the Coliseum and Staples Center. Rather than previous Olympics where, stadiums were built from scratch. Bid leaders believe they can cover all expenses of the 2028 revenues through broadcasting rights, ticket sales and sponsorships.

Source: Los Angeles Times