News Roundup: Here's What You Missed

By Andy Gutierrez

1. Irma heads towards Georgia

Hurricane Irma has dropped to a tropical storm as it barrels towards Georgia. Officials warn that the storm is still dangerous as wind gusts up to 65mph have been reported in Southern Georgia. Gov. Nathan Deal has declared a state of emergency throughout the state as the center of the storm is expected to move in Monday Afternoon and continue into Tuesday. The Carolinas and Alabama are preparing for the storm, as wind gusts up to 60mph are being predicted for these states. The National Hurricane Center predicts that the storm will likely drop to a tropical depression by Tuesday.

Source: CNN

2. New Sanctions Against North Korea

The U.N. Security Council unanimously approved a provisioned version of new sanctions on North Korea on Monday. These provisioned sanctions are not as tough as the ones that the Trump Administration proposed recently, which included travel bans for top officials and frozen assets to Air Tokyo. These new sanctions are in response to recent nuclear tests, and ban North Korea from importing natural gas, bans textile exports and stops countries from authorizing new work permits for North Korean workers.

Trump believes that these new sanctions coupled with previous measures would ban over 90% of exports from 2016. North Korea issued a warning against the sanctions on Monday, saying that the U.S. would pay the price if the sanctions were implemented.

Source: AP

3. Trump Honors Sept. 11 Attacks

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump led a national moment of silence to remember the September 11th attacks, that rocked our nation 16 years ago. The president spoke at a ceremony at the Pentagon a short time later, vowing that the government must keep fighting to keep our people safe. The president goes on to talk about the common bond among Americans in the aftermath of the attacks. Vice President Mike Pence represented the administration at the September 11th memorial in Shanksville. Donald Trump initially praised President George W. Bush for his response to the attacks, but turned against Bush in later years.

Source: NY Times

4. Deadly Texas Shooting

Nine people are dead, including the suspect that was shot by an officer, after shots were fired at a football viewing party in a Dallas home Monday evening. Police responded to reports of shots fired at approximately 8pm, where they found nine gunshot victims. Seven people were found dead and two others were taken to the hospital. In a news conference, Police Chief Gregory W. Rushin said that one of the two people taken to the hospital had died. Rushin believes that the suspect was connected to the house. He goes on to state that everyone who was killed or injured were believed to be adults and that multiple firearms were found at the scene.

Source: AP

5. California Sues Trump Over DACA

California filed a lawsuit on Monday claiming that the president’s plan to end DACA is unconstitutional. California’s economy will be hit the hardest if this plan goes into effect as many DACA recipients reside in California. State Attorney General, Xavier Becerra filed the suit, saying that these participants should not be punished for the actions of others. This marks California’s 25th lawsuit against the Trump administration this year as it joins many other states who are constantly fighting the Trump administration. Many are praising the lawsuit as it gives many hope for their future in the U.S.

Source: LA Times