News Roundup: Here's What You Missed

By Body Salazar

1. Facebook Live Murder Suspect Dead:
Steve Stephens, the man who committed murder and live-streamed it on Facebook, killed himself after being chased by police. Stephens' car was spotted at a McDonald's drive-thru by an employee who reported it to police. Officers arrived and chased Stephens until one police officer used a "PIT" maneuver, a means of disabling a car by ramming it, to knock Stephens off course. This caused the car to spin out of control, and, as it was doing so, Stephens pulled out a pistol and shot himself in the head. 
- Source: CNN

2. U.S. Aircraft Carrier Not Deterring North Korea:
Despite claims from the White House that an American aircraft carrier was headed to the Sea of Japan to act as a deterrent against North Korea, there were none sailing in the direction. Instead, the carrier, the Carl Vinson, and the rest of its strike force were headed toward the Indian Ocean to take part in training exercises alongside the Australian Navy. 
- Source: The New York Times

3. H-1B Visa Restrictions Added:
Donald Trump signed an order meant to increase jobs for Americans, by decreasing jobs for immigrants in the technological, medical, scientific and industrial fields. The H-1B visa program permits 85,000 foreign workers into the United States annually. While Trump and his supporters are optimistic that it will encourage American hiring, and boost the economy, some, such as those in Silicon Valley, are afraid it might negatively impact the economy. “Half of the start-ups in Silicon Valley were created by highly skilled people from other countries,” said Representative Zoe Lofgren, whose district includes Silicon Valley. “I don’t think the president and his staff fully appreciates that fact.” 
- Source: The New York Times

4. Los Angeles Police Commission Votes on New Rules for Officers:
Following a 13-month effort, the L.A. Police Commission voted to incorporate "de-escalation" into the policy officers follow when using deadly force. "De-escalation" refers to any attempts the officer made to avoid having to use deadly force. Now commissioners can determine if an officer did everything they could have to prevent violence from breaking out or if their actions contributed to the escalated situation. 
- Source: The Los Angeles Times

5. Stronger "Brexit" Mandate Sought By Theresa May:
British Prime Minister Theresa May recently called for a general election to be held on June 8. This comes as an attempt to strengthen the government's support for the exit from the European Union before negotiations begin. Should May win the election, opposition she faces will be lessened significantly and dealing with Parliament during the process of Brexit will be much easier. However, there is no guarantee that May will win, and politics in Britain have proven hard to predict with the recent approval of Brexit followed by the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron.
 - Source: The Los Angeles Times