News Roundup 10/4/18

(Photo courtesy By: Getty Images- David McNew/ AFP)

(Photo courtesy By: Getty Images- David McNew/ AFP)

By: Ryan Gibson

1. Suge Knight Sentenced To 28 Years In Prison for January 2015 Hit and Run

On October 4th, a Los Angeles Judge convicted 53-year old music icon, Suge Knight to 28 years in prison. The sentence came after an incident at a Compton burger stand on January 2015. Suge Knight was caught on Tam's Burger's security footage backing over Cle Shaheed Sloan before running over Terry Carter. Knight drove off leaving 55-year old, director Terry Carter dead in the parking lot. By pleading to no contest to Voluntary Manslaughter, he avoided a murder trial and a possible life sentence.

Source: NBC

2. Red Tide closing Beaches

Miami Dade county's department of regulatory and economic resources announced they will be closing public beaches on October 4th. The announcement comes after red tide was found on Miami beaches. Red tide consists of harmful algae that causes death in marine life and respiratory problems in people. Investigative research is being conducted but the algae has spread along the east coast and is prominent along 135 miles of the southwest coast.

Source: Orlando Sentinel

3. Cristiano Ronaldo Will Not Play For Portugal Amidst Rape Allegation

Due to a 2009 Las Vegas rape allegation the world-renowned soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo will be left out of the Portugal national squad. Sponsors have also become aware of the athlete's case. Nike gave this statement, "We are deeply concerned by the disturbing allegations and will continue to closely monitor the situation".The Portugal national team's head coach, Fernando Santos, has stated that Ronaldo will miss the next set of international games to be played in November. Santos told reporters, "We agreed the player wouldn't be available, wouldn't be an option for selection. For the next two squad selections, this one and the one next month, Ronaldo won't be with us."

Source: ABC

4. Michelle Carter Returns To Court Today

In August 2017, Michelle Carter was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for her part in encouraging her former boyfriend Conrad Roy to commit suicide. A Bristol County Judge sentenced Ms.Carter who was 17 at the time to 2 and a half years in prison. Today, the now 22 year old Michelle Carter is back in court to appeal her sentence; she has remained free on probation since her sentencing. Her attorney, Daniel Marx, told Massachusetts's highest court this morning that, "a woman who as a teenager encouraged her suicidal boyfriend to kill himself may have made bad choices but did not commit a crime." He says that Michelle Carter cannot be held responsible for Conrad Roy's decision to end his own life.

Source: Boston News

5. Police Detain Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters Occupying the Senate Building

As the Senate reviews the FBI's report on the allegations against Kavanaugh, hundreds have made themselves heard by occupying the very building where the review is occurring. Originally the protest began outside the Supreme Court; later filling up an atrium in the Senate's Hart building. Police began to remove as many as 300 protesters, including actress Amy Schumer and Model Emily Ratajkowski in the atrium; the number of arrest are unclear.

Source: Independent

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