Growing Pains

By Edward Gutierrez

Prescott leads Cowboys and Rams lack offense

As week one brought drama on and off the field, it also brought three games that were decided by two points or less. It brought us a Jimmy Garapollo led Patriots and continued to show us that the San Diego Chargers never fail to fail when it comes to crunch time. Yet, week two brought us something more unique and unexpected. Adrian Peterson tore his meniscus, Robert Griffin III is out for 10-12 weeks and Aaron Rodgers is playing like he deserves to be someone else's back-up.

We realized that even without Peyton Manning the Denver Broncos will be fine, due to their defensive pass rush and gritty offensive line. Just as we figured out that the Detroit Lions will be fine without Calvin 'Megatron' Johnson leading there receiving core and offense.

The Philadelphia Eagles and Carson Wentz showcased a passing clinic and how to exactly run the spread offense. We even witnessed a Dallas Cowboys team that actually looked like a well oiled machine, without Tony Romo being the starting Quarterback.

Yet, the highlight of week one and two had to be the Cowboys, from loosing their star quarterback, Tony Romo, to stumbling upon a pot of gold from the fourth round in Dak Prescott and high expectations in first round draft pick Ezekiel Elliot. They still managed to lose to the New York Giants (19-20) in week one and found themselves against their rivals the Washington Redskins (27-23), yet the star of the team was Prescott, who stood in the pocket calm as can be. Prescott showcased his potential so far, completing 62.7 percent of his passes and rallying up a QBR of 76.8 which isn't entirely bad for a rookie quarterback.

As for the return for the Los Angeles Rams, week one they were destroyed by the San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night Football. Only having 185 total yards the Rams showcased how young and inpatient their new offense was. Week two brought hope, as they beat the Seattle Seahawks (9-3) thus, instilling confidence in their defense and showcasing their lackluster offense that is ran by Case Keenum. For now that is until further changes may be made.

As for the fashion statements that were made star players such as DeAndre Hopkins, Adrian Peterson, Sammy Watkins and Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller donned the Adidas 350 Yeezy football cleat. As the internet went wild, so did the commissioners belief on dress code and the mantra that new is bad in the NFL.

DeAndre Hopkins, star receiver for the Houston Texans donned the cleat that caused hysteria all over social media. He was the last player to wear the football cleat designed by Kanye West who has continued to make his imprint on fashion and now football. The NFL commissioner Roger Goodell fined Hopkins $6,000 for even lacing the cleat up, the reasoning behind it wasn't released but this continues to show that the NFL is changing. Whether that change may be multiple players kneeling during the National Anthem or even trying to express themselves through their uniform, the athletes are now attempting to express themselves, and it's only two weeks in.